Sunday, 16 October 2011

CyanogenMod for Touchpad is revealed!

From the beginning of the madness and the unprecedented buzz around the HP Touchpad, Cyanogen team had applied to give new life to the touchpad. Following the withdrawal of the project TouchDroid, hopes users of the HP tablet turned to the alternative of Cyanogen ROM which is revealed today in Alpha version.

Touchpad for CyanogenMod logo is revealed!
Lower your expectations edition!

After having stirred the curiosity of owners Touchpad with several videos, Cyanogen has to provide a first Alpha version of its alternative CyanogenMod ROM, stamped 7.1.0. If these videos show that many things are already operational (dual-boot, multitouch screen, WiFi, camera, or a GPU acceleration), the team of Cyanogen warns that this version is not to put all hands, as shown by the name given to this alpha "Lower your expectations Edition" (Edit lower your expectations).

Indeed, autonomy is announced to be very low, the developers have not yet taken into account the energy management and many applications may not work correctly. We also recall that this version of CyanogenMod based on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), the source code of the operating system reserved for tablets (Honeycomb) has not been unveiled by Google.

Touchpad Touchpad for CyanogenMod is revealed!

It is still far from a full working version but rather encouraging first draft should delight hackers. The question is whether this will suffice to make the shadow webOS, the HP system that should not be abandoned because the U.S. company announced in late August that it should continue to provide updates. If it has attracted more users by including its interface, webOS is criticized for its limited number of applications which is precisely one of the highlights of Android, with more than 250 000 applications!