Sunday, 16 October 2011


Can we live without technology?

I hear sometimes that science has replaced religion (well, not everywhere) and some are afraid of the omnipotence of technology.

Neither science nor religion would be difficult to comment on this assertion, but I note with some surprise random encounters there are still people around us who do not use technology. But not at all.

Thus I have two people in my relationships (2) which do not have mobile phone. I'm not talking about smartphones, but the good old basic mobile phone that serves just a purely practical thing, you know. One of them also have no car, and I even suspected of not having a driver's license (yes it is suspect :-)). Strange for a father forty urban bobo anyway, right?

I also note that the persons in question are divided into two categories.

In the first category, those that are hostile to the new technologies a matter of principle that borders on political and ideological commitment, in which we find indiscriminately anti-globalization, rejection of consumer society and environmental activism (which often goes all the way). These people have nothing against technology as such, but to refuse all collateral damage they are supposed to lead, even when failing to balance the progress they are for humans, and even for humanity, let's crazy.

In the second category are people who, despite socio-cultural and professional rather high, ignore the new technologies, because they do not see the point, preferring to focus on a lifestyle in which the contact in real life is fundamental. I speak of contact in real life for lack of better terminology because I do the difference with the human touch: the most common mistake committed by those who are refractory to the Internet for example, is to think of it as a tool of alienation and isolation. We all know that, properly used, is exactly the opposite: see the popularity of social networks, forums, and instant messaging. For an example of alleged alienation I can give 10 examples of socialization.

The yes-life (as opposed to no-life, hahaha) are also those who do not use the ATM but will withdraw their money from the bank to pay for everything in cash (as some traders, but for other reasons ... ). We could certainly find many other examples of denial of technology.

Of course, we can live and be happy without technology, it is sometimes a deliberate and perfectly respectable incidentally brings us to reflect on the vanity of the race for the latest gadget (I know what I mean ...), but is certain: those who make that choice for fear of losing the "real" human relationships are wrong.

It's an illusion to think that technology is alienating to humans. The whole history of evolution, and phenomenal acceleration the 20th and 21st centuries tend to prove the opposite: the printing of the railway, aviation on the radio, print media to television, major innovations introduced in mass are those that have enabled man to communicate, and men to come together.

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