Sunday, 16 October 2011

Google definitely separates Buzz

The Mountain View company announced yesterday the closing of the doors of its old social network, Google Buzz. Behind this decision is long overdue expressed the willingness of Google to focus completely on his last service date: + Google.

No More Google gbuzz definitely separates Buzz

The service, released in February 2010 as too light a draft response to the threat Facebook never managed to meet a great success. This is undoubtedly due to the way it was linked to the online messaging service Google. At the end of Buzz, the most frequently contacted by Gmail users from the social network were in fact directly visible on the web. The case was followed by the Federal Trade Commission, which accused Google of violating its own privacy policy.

The firm was then updated Buzz, allowing users to manage their privacy settings, giving them control over their data safe. This was unfortunately made much too late, critics of fusing Buzz from around the net, preventing the service definitely take off.

According to the note posted by the company on its official blog, Google wants to provide its service users who have a real impact on their habits, and they are ready to use two to three times a day. The firm, very productive today on its new social network, Google +, has announced that Buzz should be closed in the coming weeks.

Similarly, Google has shown off other services, scheduled for January 15, 2012. Are involved so far:

- Code Search, which allows searching for open source codes

- Jaiku, a microblogging platform similar to Twitter, which was acquired by Google in late 2007

- The social features of iGoogle (the portal of course still in place)

- The university research program for Google Search, which provided access to research results for the API researchers

Google Labs site at the same time closed, and it will be the same for sites and, substituted by Google Product Search.

Since the arrival of Larry Page as CEO in April, the Mountain View company has stopped the development and maintenance of more than two dozen of its products and services. Page asserts that he prefers to invest more involved on a limited number of services, and the strategy of "focus" for the moment seems to succeed in Google, Google's social network + actually contains more than 40 million users (remember however, that Facebook has 800 million!).

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