Sunday, 16 October 2011

Threatened, Canal + and start investing SVOD CanalPlay Infinity

It did not take long to Canal + in response to the announcement of Netflix to expand its services to the European market. Already on the market since 2005 with VOD CanalPlay, the television group has announced the launch of CanalPlay Infinity, the first French service by subscription for unlimited VOD.

To promote its new offering, Canal + communicates primarily on its rich content, "many thousands" of films and series (original creations or not). Agreements with several U.S. studios as well as major French producers are under negotiation. To ensure consumer ease of use best, the group also put its television Envideo innovation, a search engine supposed to "respond to the desires of the users and based on the recommendation of subscribers", presumably via a system of tags. And all for a mere $ 9.99 per month, with no obligation. You said a price war?

Photo Threatened 01F4000004652328 SVOD channel, Canal + and start investing SVOD CanalPlay Infinity

The service will be available from November 8, first exclusively via Neufbox SFR, before being extended to the Freebox Revolution and the BBox, connected to the Samsung TV and Canal + decoders. In early 2012, will extend the offer last game consoles, first the Xbox 360 from Microsoft. In the near future, contracts should definitely be signed with Orange and with other TV manufacturers are connected. Note that the service will also be available via PC, Mac, and touch pads.

Very pragmatic, group president, Bertrand Meheut said that Canal + is only anticipating a changing market and "new entrants" that will ultimately lead to "a new perspective in the competitive sector." We refer of course to Netflix but also Google TV, whose arrival on the French market is scheduled for 2012. Despite the relevance of such a choice, it should nevertheless be recalled that the French legislation, via the rule of media exploitation chronology, imposes a three-year period between the release of a film in theaters and on its distribution service SVOD. The American series, meanwhile, often take several months to be available overseas.

This is likely to give a little bit of old catalog promised yet so provided by Canal +. The limit for works already available for sale physical sites of VOD classics, or via illegal downloading? A bet that seems risky. The group has not choice but to opt for an aggressive strategy to outdo its future competitors, enabling legislation or not.

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